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Well, I sure wasn’t expecting this post to be found by a blog like this, but. Thank you! Thanks a lot!!


meta knight for halloween. spooky blue puffball.


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Dream Double Feature - School’s Out Forever

Whew! Been a long time since I updated this tag, huh guys? Well, these dreams were too messed up for me to just NOT post.

So let’s start this off.

The dream started with me walking through my old high school’s outside paths with someone I used to really hate named Jessie. (Actually now that I think about it it was more like my middle school’s) While we were walking he prepared me for something that was about to go down. Apparently, every year after one senior prank, the school’s tried to crack down on it’s students leaving, especially it’s seniors. It’s gone on for so long unsuccessfully that the staff and crew have just gone NUTS with it, and now it’s just.. insane and down right cruel. He was suggesting to me that when it happened, I had to use one of my bombs. (Which I’ll get into in a bit.) 

For now though, after I was done walking with Jessie, I was at the front of the school. Very blue, kind of round, blue collums and HUGE two-frame doors. (I think that’s what they’re called?) This is where the details get fuzzy, but the bell rang, and when the students rushed to the door, innocently just wanting to get out and rejoicing that school was over, the staff bumrushed them — telling them that they were already in trouble and being pretty freaking mean about it. School was out for a year! They had NO power over us anymore! And that’s when things get interesting. ‘Cause I had to get out. 

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Arkham City

It always sucks when you have a question yet you dont wanna ask it in case it opens a shit ton of wounds.

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Obviously charmander. Who wouldn’t want an awesome dragon? AND SUSH YOU YES IT IS A DRAGON BECAUSE I SAID SO!

oh God I’d never decide. I love Growlithe and Eevee and Vulpix, and Ponyta too! Also Pidgeot. GODDAMN WHO WOULD I CHOOSE.
Eevee, and I’d want an Espeon eventually.

Probably an Aron/Aggron. That big thing is my baby for a thousand years. Cute little iron dino messing around.OR I could say the most uncreative choice and say Lucario. Hes been my other baby since his first premiere. He’d be more fun to be around than an Aron but… SOBs.

Mew. Because it can shapeshift into every other Pokemon ever, it’s adorable, and the perfect playful companion to always make me smile. ♥


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I chose you because even if we were the last two humans alive, there would be no way I would fall in love with you

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A parakeet trying his hardest to say ‘Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition’


the spanish inqui-baby bird


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